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Heat Decor heating film KIT with wireless thermostat HD-T500/W Wi-Fi (HD-PRO, width 50cm, 80W/m²) – 10m²


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Product description – Heat Decor heating film KIT with wireless thermostat HD-T500/W Wi-Fi (HD-PRO.50 80W/lm 80W/m²) – 10m²

The Heat Decor heating film emitting infrared radiation is used for surface heating of rooms. Powered by the mains electricity “from the socket” or by own electricity, for example; from photovoltaics, it is a green, economical source of heat in apartments, family houses or offices. It can be installed under the floor, in walls or on the ceiling, acting as a supporting or primary heating system. The very long service life of the Heat Decor film, combined with the simplicity and reliability of its installation and the economy of use, make it the number 1 choice for people who dream of a warm, nature-friendly and even zero-energy home.

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Thermostat HD-T500/W Wi-Fi
Heating film power [W/lm] 40
Heating film width [cm] 50
Cutting sections every [cm] 1
Max. temperature of the heating film [°C] ~30
Voltage [V] 230
Heating film thickness [mm] 0,5
Degree of protection (according to the manual) IPX7
Heating film warranty [years] 30
Thermostat warranty [years] 2

Floor heating

  • under floating laminate panels
  • under a floating layered board
  • under floating SPC vinyl panels
  • under the spout

Wall heating

  • under the drywall system of gypsum boards

Ceiling heating

  • under the drywall system of gypsum boards

* installation of a heating film under the spout for the HD-PRO series can only be performed by an authorized company with a certificate of an installer of HD-PRO series heating films.


Technical Specifications

Changes to thermostat parameters and settings, such as  air temperature, floor temperature, child lock, open window sensor, frost protection, temperature calibration, hysteresis  can be made from the application on the phone  (the thermostat must be turned off)

  • Heating control by phone, tablet or directly from the thermostat
  • Heating control by phone can be done from anywhere in the world.
  • Possibility to add an infinite number of thermostats to the application
  • Possibility to assign rooms with a separate name
  • 7-day  temperature programming  mode in 5 + 1 + 1  days cycles
  • Floor temperature range :5-60
  • Room temperature range:  5-35
  • Hysteresis: Range  from 0.5 ° C to 5 ° C
  • 2 sensors: built-in air temperature sensor + floor temperature sensor NTC sensor
  • Protection degree:  IP20
  • Output:  max. 16 amp, 3600 watts
  • Power supply:  220 VAC, 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Acrylic front panel
  • Touch-controlled panel
  • The indoor and outdoor sensors can be used to control both the air temperature and the floor temperature.
  • Suitable for installation in a standard single 60mm round box
  • Installation method: flush-mounted in the installation box

Thermostat operation modes

  • IN – the  built-in air temperature sensor controls the temperature in the room, while the floor sensor is turned off. The mode is used in all types of electric heating, except for underfloor heating
  • OU – the  thermostat only reads the temperature from the floor sensor, the built-in air temperature sensor is turned off.
  • AL – the  built-in air temperature sensor controls the temperature in the room and the floor sensor limits the floor temperature. This mode is used in electric underfloor heating.



For HD-PRO heating films, we have developed an innovative structure based on the “full carbon-h HD" (2) graphite technology, the matrix of which is made in a shape similar to a mesh applied on the entire surface of the film. The HD-PRO film emits infrared heat over the entire surface of the heating film between the copper stripes. Such heat distribution means that the linings used, for example, on the floor above the film, will heat up evenly.

HD-PRO heating films have a thickness of 0.500 mm and are made of reinforced PET laminates in the “multi-layerHD " (1) system on both sides, characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage structure and increased electrical insulation.

HD-PRO series films can be cut even every 1 cm on the designated lines marked with the scissors icon. The place where the heating film is cut is clearly visible. HD-PRO heating films at the intersection between the copper stripes should be insulated with a special HD-PRO series insulation tape.

Durable and very strong construction of the HD-PRO heating film made of double reinforced PET laminates guarantees an exceptionally long service life and failure-free operation of the entire heating system. The safe electrical connection is ensured by the film used a heating silver paste made in the “silver ladderHD " (3) ladder technology, which translates into the stable functioning of the heating film.



The thermostat is designed to control electric heating with Heat Decor heating film, heating mats, heating panels and electric heaters.

The wireless thermostat uses the latest generation of communication in the Zigbee system , thanks to which we can control many devices in our home from the smartphone. The system works with “Amazon Alexa", “Google Assistance", “Tmall Genie", and “DuerOS".

The SMART LIFE application allows you to comfortably control each room in which the thermostat is installed . Each room can have a separate name. (E.g. living room, kitchen, children’s room etc ..)

The thermostat is ideal for frequent travelers or those who have a holiday home. Direct heating control from the smartphone will allow you to set a comfortable temperature in the rooms before you come home and save on heating costs during your absence.

The thermostat is equipped with a built-in air temperature sensor and an attached external floor temperature sensor. The thermostat can control both the room temperature and the floor temperature separately.

When a thermostat is used in underfloor heating, the thermostat turns on the heating system in order to achieve the desired temperature in the room, at the same time not allowing the floor temperature to be exceeded, thus protecting the floor against excessively high temperature.

When a thermostat is used for heating with electric heaters, only the built-in air temperature sensor is used.


Note: the device has the ability to calibrate the temperature by phone!


Heating film width


Cutting sections every

1 cm

Heating film power


Max. temp.


Weight 1.25 kg